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Our 10 webinars​​​​​​​

"I perceive your webinars as inspiring.", fellow EMBA & President 

Thursday, 30st of September 2021 - Hult/Ashridge Global Alumni day 2021

Keynote: Proposing a new sustainable development goal #18 Space environment.
by: Dr. Andreas Losch 
More and more 'trash' is lingering in space. What needs to be done is raising awareness that 'littering' in space is probably not helpful for the environment as a whole. 

​​​​​​​This event was chosen as the most innovative event at Global Alumni day.

Organised by: Hult/Ashridge Chapter Leader GE & Idea by: van der Glas & van der Glas.
Thursday, 6th of May 2021, 6-8 pm CET

An Ecological & Community Approach by Jane Riddiford.

Jane Riddiford DProf, co-founded Global Generation in 2004. She has more than 30 years experience of 
leading environmental, arts and educational projects within urban communities in New Zealand and the UK. 
Her interest in running creative projects with young people that bring different parts of the community together
through storytelling, connecting to nature and the wider cosmos has been a consistent thread throughout her
working life. Recently she has been Learning Practice Director for a Trandisciplinary MSc with a community based regeneration focus with Middlesex University. Jane's insightful book offers practical experience on the 'how to' LEARNING TO LEAD TOGETHER including opportunities for your own inquiry. You can order it here. A recent podcast of Jane you will find here. 

"A real-life conversation that spanned 3 continents. Whow! 
It was refreshing to listen to Jane and being able to ask her a lot of questions - and all live. 
Answers were shared in regard to: 
'how to learning to lead together'
'how ecology & cosmology still influence us'
'how we create ethos'
'how we can move from being less individualistic to be more of a community'
'how we still can learn from nature - through all that leadership noise, tech, steel & cracks of concrete'. 
In addition to that, Jane shared helpful opportunities for our own individual inquiry. Further opportunities are mentioned in the appendix 1 of her book.  
🙏🏻 A big thank you, Jane. This was a refreshing keynote among all the other (leadership) noise out there. Thank you & keep up the fantastic work!
Dear reader, in case you missed Jane live, you can watch the keynote conserved here.
...and last but not least: in case you may have questions, please feel free to PM Manuela" 

Organised by: Hult/Ashridge Chapter Leaders ZRH + GE & van der Glas & van der Glas.

Postponed to: Thursday, 11th of March 2020, 18.30-20h CET
Keynote about: 'Strategy consulting: What's next?'. 

Organised by: Hult/Ashridge Chapter Leaders Zürich + Geneva and van der Glas & van der Glas 

Daniel Zeiter is the director and board member of Strategy& Switzerland, PwC's strategy consulting business. 


On a personal note:

We are very proud to share with you that the global Alumni community awarded us
for having contributed 'the webinars adding the most value in 2020'.

This means that out of 80 global chapter leaders we contributed the webinars
adding the most value to the Alumni community on a world-wide scale.

We did not know that such an award would be given and are excited and very grateful
for having received this award unexpectedly and thank the Alumni community.

Since we love doing what we do, we strive to continue our future contributions in the same manner. ​​​​​​​

Tuesday, 17th of November, 2020, 11.30 - 13h CET 
Keynote about: 'The Power of Mentoring'. 

Organised by: Takeda Zurich HBA Ambassadors & Women @ Takeda Switzerland

Panel of 6 experienced mentors. Hear from an experienced mentor-mentee panel on what it takes to navigate successful mentor-mentee relationships.  


Thursday, 19th of November 2020, 18-20h CET
Keynote about: 'Leadership for an unknowable tomorrow' 
Collaboration between Hult/Ashridge Chapter Leaders Switzerland & Dubai & van der Glas & van der Glas.

Ashridge Executive Education Professor Roger Delves will share his insights during a keynote and afterwards we will network with our Hult/Ashridge Alumni Chapters Zurich, Geneva & Dubai.​​​​​​​

Thursday, 30st of September 2020, 6-8  pm

Keynote about: 'Networking & Career Reflections'
Collaboration between HBA EU Mentoring Programme & van der Glas & van der Glas.

Dialogue on how mentoring helps in your career journey. 

Thursday, 24th of September 2020, 2-3.30  pm

Keynote about: 'The resilient-decision maker'
Global Hult/Ashridge Alumni day 'the year of resilience'
Collaboration between Hult/Ashridge & van der Glas & van der Glas.

Guest speaker: Author & Professor Ajay Bhalla 

Thursday, 17th of September 2020, 6-8 pm

Keynotes about: 'Perspectives on Strategy': Sustainable Strategy - Rethinking Strategic Management.
Exclusive webinar for the Hult/Ashridge Alumni, organised by van der Glas & van der Glas. 

You can find the slides here. ​​ 

Guest speaker: Dr. Andrew Mountfield, senior advisor at Mountfield advisory 

​​​​​​​Tuesday, 15th of April 2020, 17-18h

Trouble-shooting & Tips
All your questions answered 

Exclusive webinar for the HBA EU Mentors & Mentees. 
Collaboration between HBA Education and van der Glas & van der Glas.


1. Trouble-shooting in Mentoring & real life situations by using powerful techniques
2. Leading through change & uncertainty
3. Managing your WFH environment
4. Goal setting, maintaining commitment and building on each Mentoring session.​​​​​​​

Thursday, 2nd of April 2020, 18-19h

Tackling COVID-19 @ work
Exclusive webinar for global Hult/Ashridge Business School Alumni
in regard to meeting the challenges when working from home.
Collaboration between Bratschi AG, EY and van der Glas & van der Glas.

1. Possible solutions to your challenges when working from home, i.e. leadership, mental & physical health, planning/teamwork, provided by van der Glas & van der Glas.
2. Project: 'Solidarity' throughout the food supply chain, provided by EY.
3. The Swiss Governments decision to 'lock-down' the country, its implications for organisations as well as employees and legal aspects, provided by Bratschi AG.


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