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1 book & 1 online training

that supports you ​​​​​​​to

Plan & Get Your Things Done!

2nd edition! 

We are very proud to present our first book
that we, Ruud and I, co-authored and published together.

It contains the learnings we made when collaborating
with people throughout the past 20+ years
and supports you to: 

Plan & Get Your Things Done!
An insightful planner for 55 consequtive days 
​​​​​​​for getting organisation & reaching your goals. 

You can order your planner from
Balboa Press - Orell Füssli or
us directly
and have a sneak peak inside @ google books

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'Plan & get your things done!'
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Special: We plant 🌳 one tree per book / training sold.  

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5 booklets: easy to read & understand. 

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We charge CHF 19.90 per booklet bought (plus VAT/postage) and plant 🌳 one tree per booklet sold.  

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We proudly present the 6th booklet book of a series:


Which beat do you really follow?.
Are you following a 'gambling' or a 'nourishing' beat?
Which one do you think is more of service to you?
Find out in this booklet how to listen
to your own rhytm, 
finding your true calling - 
and making wise choices!

ISBN tbc. (1st edition, planned to be published autumn 2022)

We proudly present the 5th booklet book of a series:

'Plan & get YOUR things done!'

In today's hectic time,
it is much more imporant than ever before
that we 'use our time wisely'.

With this booklet we help you 'plan' your time and 'to get your things done'.
It is a helpful guide with 55 supportive day-to-day-planning pages that are
to be filled in by: You.
This to support you to organise yourself accordingly & reach your goals -
step by step!

ISBN tbc. (1st edition, planned to be published autumn 2022)

We proudly present the 4th book of a series:

'Self-Service: The Modern Holy Grail for Businesses'

ISBN 978-3-9525393-5-4 (1st edition, 2021)

Learn from 10 real-life business cases including right ways to move forward
when designing your processes in your organisation.

We proudly present the 3rd book of a series:

'Paradoxes & Contradictions'

ISBN 978-3-9525393-2-3 (1st edition, 2021)

Paradoxons & Contradictions in our daily lifes - and what do YOU really want to say?

An insightful, easy read, including 3 helpful ways to gain clarity!

We proudly present the 2nd book of a series:

'going low cabon - and moving forward: fast'

ISBN 978-3-9525393-1-6 (1st edition, 2020)

A brief and eye-opening guide with enough sound evidence to advocate strongly for
a healthy ecosystem.

We proudly present the 1st book of a series:

'move forward with courage, perseverance & confidence'

ISBN 979-86965110-5-4 (1st edition, 2020)

This is an easy to read, powerful pocket guide that helps you to gain a fresh perspective beyond the bumps in the road and move forward. It also contains 3+ helpful and easily adaptable keys 🔑 for your everyday life.  In addition to that, thiese editions also contain a special offer that helps you to move forward with courage, perseverance & confidence. ​​​​​​​Take part & see you inside & thanks!👍🏼😊

Remember: You will not only learn 'how to move forward fast' yourself, but also supporting a good cause as well:
For every booklet bought, we will plant one tree. 🌳 Thank you for your support!

15 articles, for free: Enjoy the 'train of thoughts'

Zusammen leben mit Wolfsrudeln

Vor einigen Tagen war in der Südostschweiz [Zeitung] ein sehr emotionaler Artikel über den Wolf im Kanton Glarus zu lesen. Der Artikel in der Essenz ist ein Aufruf zur Inakzeptanz, Hass, Hetze & Töten. Das schockiert mich zutiefst.

Der o.g Artikel bedeutet: 

"Wenn meine Alarmanlage ausfällt, mein Haus [meine Grenze] von mir selber ungenügend gesichert/verschlossen ist - doch jemand einbricht, ich - aus meiner blinden Angst / Wut [Ohnmacht?] - das Recht haben will, sogar erzwingen will, dass ich 'jeden/ irgendeinen' dieser 'Einbrecher-Spezies' töte - unabhängig davon, welches Individuum es genau war und welche von Menschen verursachten Umstände zu dieser [verzweifelten] 'Tat' getrieben haben." 

Lesen Sie hier weiter:

-> einige Hinweise zur 'richtigen' #Governance #Stewardship #Advisory

​​​​​​​#Wolf #Zusammenleben #Aggression #Wut #hatespeech #Hetze #Töten #Natur #Werte #Bundesverfassung #gemeinsam #zusammen #miteinander


P.S.:  In den US im Yellowstone National Park
wurde erst nach der Wiedereinführung des Wolfes erkannt, dass der Wolf eine 'Key-Species' ist. Mehr hier:

'Prägnanz' ist ein umfassendes Verständnis, welches wir bei van der Glas & van der Glas mit unseren Kunden und mit/in deren Umfeld Schritt für Schritt zusammen erschaffen, denn:

'Prägnanz' in der Leadership ist ausschlaggebend; 
richtig zu verstehen & richtig verstanden zu werden, 
um die 'richtige' Erkenntnis & Entscheidung zu erschaffen.

Wir laden Sie darum ein, unser umfassendes Wissen & unsere real-life, somatische & praktische Erfahrung für Ihren #progress zu nutzen - um für sich & Ihr Umfeld einen w/richtigen & gesunden Unterschied zu erschaffen. 

Unsere Partnerschaft ermöglicht es Ihnen, dass Sie sich & Ihr Umfeld besser verstehen & besser verstanden werden können - vice versa. 

Sind Sie nun - genau wie andere Führungskräfte wie Sie in einer ähnlichen Führungsrolle - auch begeistert mit uns auf diesem prägnanten & gesunden Weg und mit viel Freude Ihr herausforderndes Ziel zu erreichen? Ja? Es lohnt sich. 

Vereinbaren Sie darum ganz einfach jetzt Ihren Termin für Ihren persönlichen Austausch mit Manuela van der Glas. 

Wir freuen uns auf Sie, helfen gerne richtig weiter & wir nehmen uns gerne Zeit für Sie & Ihre Herausforderungen, Ihren Weg & Ihre Zielerreichung. 

Herzlichen Gruss & bis bald, 
van der Glas & van der Glas

Zum Lesen des Artikels, klicken Sie hier. DANKE!

P.S.: Wij praten ook #nederlands [en #twents] & houden van 'iets #bespreekbaar maken'.
We speak #english too & love to talk about the '#elephant in the room'.

#organisationsentwicklung #governance #verwaltungsrat #csuite #leadershipcoaching #psychologicalsafety #führung #personaldevelopment #makeadifference

How much surface needs one country
to meet its resident's depleting demand on nature?
Get informed & help make massive change.

#depletion #overshoot vs. #restoration & #expansion 

According to this visual, Switzerland only needs 5x the size of Switzerland itself
to meet its resident's [8.5 Million people's] depleting demand on nature.

 In our article, we have added 3 simple action steps easily to be taken by you today
so that you can support our collective to change & 'add to going into the right direction'. 
We are in. You too? See you there!

"The Art of Enough" 
Are you ready?
Take simple actions now:

We invite you to support one, two or all three of these three high-impact projects that are at your fingertips today and easily to support.

Please help make a massive impact and a add to making a difference for the better - add to restoration & expansion [not depletion any longer]:

  1. Change your own behaviour for 2 degrees and let your friends, colleagues and your family know. So that they can inform themselves too, according to a real-life example, [you], as well and adapt accordingly.

  2. Help a massive amount of trees being planted: Donate @ #treesforlife organisation [we personally have planted 150+ trees so far] and thereby ensure that your personal & organisational #co2emission is transformed into live-giving #oxygen and: That there is enough oxygen [natural photosynthesis / a healthy environment] for all of us for today, tomorrow, for the next 3000 years and beyond.

  3. Support #vanderglasvanderglas [Buy your personal planner: Plan & Get Your Things Done!]. Note: we plant one tree for every book sold - and more! 🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲 or schedule your personal conversation here for your highly-personalised and high-impact organisational & personal development training.

Are you providing for #oxygen #trees & #forests ? Are you with us?

Then help make a massive change for the better - together!

We are in! You too?

We are trying to reach as many people as possible.
The best way you can help us do that is to #share this article and
support making massive change for the better yourself.

We appreciate you taking action in the 'right direction'.

Thank you, Manuela van der Glas.

© van der Glas & van der Glas. All rights reserved. I   

#co2emissions #forests #farming #savesoilmovement #oxygen #time#investment #healthcare #life #change #esgstrategy

PCOCI & 'Plan & Get Your Things Done!' 

A conversation with a former client of mine today @ lunch, inspired me to write this
It is about: 

A. PCOCI, our best practice 5-step onboarding Model that we created for our clients so that they can orient themselves in regard to the how they onboard their team members.The #knowledge we share there is based on more than two decades #experience that we researched working with #human beings & #orgnisations

B. 'Plan & Get Your Things Done!' - is our 1st book that we wrote for our clients so that they have a handy 55-day planner for getting organisation & reaching their goals. 
You will find the full article here

#share this with you in the hope that it may support you too.  Should you want advice or support from us, then please do feel free to let me know. We are happy to #help. With #kindness, Manuela.

#planning #organising #onboardingprocess #onboardingexperience#environment #team #teamprocess #teamcoaching #teamculture#goalgetter

'are you being understood well (enough)?'
'wirst du gut (genug) verstanden?'

Since some of our clients talk (Swiss-) German only and others English only - and we want to support both equally well in 'being understood well (enough)', we decided to write in German as well as English. First ist the 'German-Version'. Following this you will find the 'English-Version'. The order is no indication towards the ('more') 'importance' of the one or the other language. Anyway, enjoy the read! Note: that this article was also published by van der Glas & van der Glas in German in our local, weekly newspaper - but in a shorter version.

Da einige unserer Kunden nur (Schweizer-)Deutsch sprechen und andere nur English - und wir beide gleich gut dabei unterstützen wollen, 'gut (genug) verstanden zu werden', haben wir uns entschieden dies, sowohl auf Deutsch, wie auch auf Englisch zu schreiben. Zuerst ist die 'Deutsche'-Version genannt. Anschliessend finden Sie die 'Englische'-Version. Die Reihenfolge ist kein Hinweis auf die (Ge-)'Wichtigkeit' der einen oder anderen Sprache. Wie auch immer - viel Spass beim Lesen! Info: Dieser Artikel wurde auch publiziert von van der Glas & van der Glas in Deutsch in unserer lokalen, wöchentlichen Zeitung, jedoch in einer kürzeren Version. 

'anonyme & automatisierte Abschieberitis'

Lesen Sie hier, welche 6 Fragen Sie sich und Ihrer Organisation unbedingt stellen sollten, bevor Sie #innovative Lösungen in der  #digitalisierung mit cutting-edge #softwaresolutions implementieren wollen. 

Fragen, wie u.a.: ... 'cutting-edge solutions' -> "Who will you 'cut off' and would you want to implement that even though it would mean that you would be cut-off? at which price/cost for all the ones involved?"

Because oftentimes, adhering to our easy, practical and simple 'old-fashioned', down-to earth ways is the only way we can remain reasonable priced and sustainable in the long-run... 

relational Executive Coaching & Klarheit schaffen'

Vielen herzlichen Dank an die lokale Zeitung, welche das Interview vorgeschlagen und veröffentlicht hat. Wir haben über unsere Entwicklung erzählt sowie das PCOCI, das best practice 5-Schritte onboarding-Modell kurz vorgestellt, wie auch einen Rat an Führungskräfte und deren Teams mitgegeben. Wir hoffen, dass der interessierte Leser dadurch mehr Information bekommt, die hilft, mutig vorwärts zu gehen. Bei Fragen, einfach fragen.

Best practice:
​​​​​​​5-step onboarding process

This 5-step-onboarding-process will help you to be much more #cost-efficient and #invest your budget more wisely and will also allow for a smooth transition & onboarding process as well as will support your employees & organisation to #flourish & #grow together. 

The most challenging side of being an excellent leader

The way you are letting your employees go. This is a read that helps you understand how  'right communication' truly can make a difference.

Innovative, creative & curious? 

Learn how to get 'unstuck' - and make a diffrrence for yourself and your team.

The forgetten art of leading...

During the 'advancing' of our humanity -and solely focussing on these - we have lost so many skills.
Remember 'how to lead right'.

Wie Teams ein gutes Klima schaffen.

Warum 'competition' ein toxisches = krankmachendes Umfeld schaffen kann - und"
ie können wir das zum Besseren = Gesunden lenken.


"I know what I am doing!"

Overconfidence, limits your scope of seening & hinders 'seeing right'!

3 Videos, for free: Enjoy the learning nuggets. 


Reflections on Executive Coaching 

- a one shot documentary - 
4-real life experiences from 4 of our clients. 

Klick on the video below & have a look.

(The words spoken are authentic & 'raw',
i.e. none of us wrote down what we wanted to say prior to the recording.)

For a consult, please contact:


Reflection on toxic behaviour  

- a one shot sequence - 
A re-enacted story, taken from one real-life experience.

Since the sequence was recorded in Swiss German,
the outline below, in English, is the following: 

Woman in 'bright jacket' is called 'Parker', role: 'toxic bosss' boss'
Woman in 'dark jacket' is called 'Molly', role: 'overhelmed clerk'
Man in bright shirt is called 'Tuscon', role: 'mature executive'

Picture 1 - Parker creates a toxic communication
Parker addresses Molly in an abrasive tone and agressively accuses Molly of not having done a task and indicates that this was the reason why something went wrong in the organisation. 
Molly as a natural reaction starts to reject what Parker wants to drop on her. Unfortunately this is seen as a 'defense'. 
By addressing Molly in such a way, Parker creates a toxic environment. 

Picture 2 - Parker & Molly 'sit with the feelings of the created toxic behaviour'
After having 'dropped' the wrong accusation on Molly, Parker leaves with feeling angry and not understanding.

Picture 3 - Molly feels further demotiveated
Molly feels accused wrongly (= 'attacked' / not safe) and shows the normal signalling of '' (= clearly signalling boundaries).
In addition to that, Molly also feels demotivated, because she was put into the position to defend herself for something she has no responsibility for not doing, because it is not in her job-description. (Note: Prior to that incident, Molly was a highly engaged employee.)

Picture 4 - Solution for a fruitful collaboration
Tuscon and Molly show an example of a fruitful collaboration betwen employee and executive that in the long run helps the organisation to be run smoothly and adds pleasure to the workplace -> this creates a healthy working environment.

Now - how to work with us
This is a brief example of how we can help you to change your communication-style so that you can collaborate fruitfully with your employees. The very employees which at the end of the day do run the organisation you are responsible for. The very employees that do the nitty-gritty work, without which, the organisation wouldn't run at all. Let us help.

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength.

Klick on the video below & have a look.
(It is a Swiss-German version only, but the pictures speak for themselves)

For a consult, please contact:
We are happy to help. 


Reflections on Mentoring  

-  one shot  - 
Explaining what we can do for you
in regard to Mentoring. 

Klick on the video below & have a look.

For a consult, please contact:

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