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Manuela van der Glas
Founder, Senior Partner & Teacher

„Mir macht es Spass und es gibt mir Freude, das unsere Kunden inspiriert, motiviert werden und durch unsere Zusammenarbeit ihre Ziele erreichen."

Berufliche Qualifikationen
  • Sehr ausgeprägte ziel-, ergebnis- und lösungsorientierte Arbeitsweise.
  • Sehr hohe Sozialkompetenz im Verhalten wie in der Argumentation.
  • Flair und Freude für anspruchsvolle sach- und personenbezogene Aufgabenstellungen.
  • Schnelle Auffassungsgabe mit überdurchschnittlichem Lerninteresse.
  • Genaues und gezieltes Organisationsgeschick.
  • Sehr engagierte, kreative und innovative Wirkungsweise.
  • Pragmatische Lösungsumsetzung mit hoher Sorgfalt und Pflichtbewusstsein.
  • Ausgezeichneter Umgang im interkulturellen Umgang und im globalen Umfeld.
  • Loyaler Charakter mit hohem Gerechtigkeitssinn, überdurchschnittlicher Ethik, Fairness und konsequenter Haltung, der Kontinuität, Wachstum, Best practice sowie eine entsprechende Corporate Compliance anstrebt.  

Berufliche Erfahrung
  • 2020 - current, Mentor @ the Ashridge Masters in Executive Coaching programme: Supporting AMEC students through their study dilemmas and challenges as well as supporting them to work towards their Executive Coaching Accreditation @ Ashridge Executive Education is based in Berkhamsted / UK. 
  • 2016 - 202 (5 years), Global HBA (Healthcare Business Women) Mentor for professionals in the health care business. HBA is based in  Fairfield NJ / USA.
  • 2018-2021 (4 years) Hult/Ashridge Alumni Co-Chapter-Leader Zürich / Genf, organisieren von in-person und zoom events. Der in-person event über 'Sustainability/Nature' ist von den Alumni Relations ausgezeichnet worden, wie auch die 2020-Webinars, die gesehen wurden, als diejenigen, welche den Alumni den meisten Wert gegeben haben.
  • 2013 - current, senior partner @ van der Glas & van der Glas 
  • Bedarfsermittlung, Entwicklung, Planung, Organisation, Führung, Überwachung & Auswertung von Trainings zur Bildung einer gut fundierten Basis von Kern-Projektmitarbeitenden im Sinne einer strukturierten, gleichgesinnten Ausrichtung, gleichem Verständnis und Kohärenz in der gemeinsamen Ausführung von Grossprojekten im Teal-Umfeld.
  • 10+ Jahre Erfahrung in Leadership development und Executive Coaching von Führungskräften und Expats mit globalem  kulturellem Hintergrund sowie in verschiedenen Führungsebenen (Verwaltungsräte, C-Level, Middle Management and Team Lead)  und Führungsspannen mit komplexen und vielschichtigen Aufgabenstellungen
  • Research in action learning (1st, 2nd and 3rd person)
  • Mehrjährige Führungserfahrung von bis zu 14 Mitarbeitenden unterschiedlicher Generationen im interkulturellen Umfeld (auch interdisziplinär)
  • 25+jährige, breitgefächerte Erfahrung in 7 internationalen, 3 nationalen und 1 eigenem Unternehmen
  • Fundierte Erfahrung in weltweitem Handel-/Exportgeschäft, inkl. Akkreditivbearbeitung, Dokumentarinkasso, Inspektionskontrollen
  • Langjährige Erfahrung in der Geschäftsführung von van der Glas & van der Glas
  • Einsicht in verschiedene nationale und internationale Unternehmungen in verschiedenen Spannungsfeldern
  • Mehrjährige Erfahrung als Expat und Umgang mit verschiedenen Kulturen

Aus- und Weiterbildung

2022, Psychotherapy, psychology & somatic experience: The advanced Master program on the treatment of trauma 
with Ruth Buczinski, PhD / Bessel van der Kolk, MD / Bethany Brand, PhD / Deb Dana, LCSW  / Janina Fisher, PhD / Kathy Steele, MN, CS / Martha Sweezy, PhD, LICSW / Pat Ogden, PhD  / Peter Levine, PhD / Richard Schwartz, PhD / Ruth Lanius, MD, PhD / Stephen Porges, PhD / Terry Real, MSW, LICSW  / Thema Bryant-Davis, PhD / William Nash, MD.
from NICABM, National Onstitute for the clinical application of behavioral medicine in Storrs (CT) / USA

2021, 'Differentiation, Suppression, Loss, Adaptation and Change'
British Gestalt Journal Seminar, Gestalt Publishing Ltd.

2021, 'Leading Change'
by Professor Robert Anthony from Harvard University with Hult IBS in Boston / USA. 

Change is a constant in the global business world. Being able to successfully undertake change is what allows extraordinary businesses to maintain their competitive advantage over time. The ability to lead and inspire change is one of the most important qualities a business leader can possess. The overall purpose of this course is to prepare future leaders to step-up and initiate, focus and plan successful change initiatives in different business contexts and to develop skills for personally leading change. Thus, the specific aims of the course are to acquaint students with resources and practical, proven approaches to envision an enhanced future state and a compelling reason to change; build ownership and commitment to the change; focus, engage and involve people in change initiatives; guide, direct and support change initiatives; demonstrate successful results and early wins; anticipate and address issues and challenges as they arise; and make sure the change "sticks".
... and the real question is the why we seem to be so obsessed, as in 'ocd' - with 'constant change' - and what this means. 

2021, 'The science of Well-being'
with Professor Dr. Laurie Santos, professor at Yale University New Haven (Connecticut) / USA. 
Content: Explanation of our own misconceptions about happiness and why we have then. Annoying features of the mind that can lead us to think irrationally about happiness, and the research that can help us change. How we can counteract annoying features of our mind that keep us from being happy. Active strategies to become happier and how to intentionally put them into place. Be prepared to successfully incorporate a personal wellness activity into your life. 
-> On a personal note: this course resonated with me, because in 1994, an English teacher in Sydney told me that the label 'well-being' doesn't exist, when I proposed this to be used in a 'wellness programme' - so naturally I cas curious and wanted to now more about the course that calls itself 'the science of well-being. 

2021, Psychotherapy, psychology & somatic experience:

1. Polyvagal Theory Can Revolutionize Your Work with Trauma Survivors
2. Why the vagal system holds the key to the treatment of trauma' 

with: Bill O’Hanlon, LMFT  / Kelly McGonigal, PhD / Joan Borysenko, PhD / Pat Ogden, PhD / Rick Hanson, PsyD / Ron Siegel, PsyD / Ruth Buczinski, PhD / Stephen Porges, PhD
from NICABM, National Onstitute for the clinical application of behavioral medicine in Storrs (CT) / USA.  

2021, 'Action Research'
Fellow at the Ashridge Action Research Programme that covers pedagogy, based on epistemology & ontology.

2020, 'Necessary derangement: Living and working in a changing field'
with Steffi Bednarek, psychotherapist. Specialised in working with trauma and complex trauma, including depression, anxiety, bereavement and relational issues. 
British Gestalt Journal Seminar, Gestalt Publishing Ltd.
Syllabus: Techniques for living and working in a changing field.

2020, Managerial Coaching Certification 
with Roger Delves, Professor of Leadership Practice at Ashridge Executive Education.
Hult International Business School, London / UK
Syllabus: Powerful techniques that managers everywhere need to be effective in the 21st century. Developing staff skills and competencies for their long-term success. Dealing with staff that can not or will not deal with performance issues. Coaching staff under pressure.

2019, Improving your business through a culture of health
Syllabus: The culture of health framework. Root cause analytics & diagnostics. Your consumers' health. Your employees' health. Your communitys' health. Our environment. You. Measuring success. Leading for change. Making it happen.
Lead Faculty: Howard Koh, Harvey V. Fineberg Professor of the Practice of Public Health Leadership, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health; Member of Faculty, Harvard Kennedy School, Amy Edmondson, Novartis Professor of Leadership and Management, Harvard Business School. Harvard University, Cambridge MA / USA

2019, How to work with a clients' emotional triggers
Dr. Ruth Buczynski, Dr. Peter A. Levine / The National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine (NICABM). NICABM helps psychologists, social workers, and counselors – practitioners who have some of the most significant and life-changing missions on the planet – provide cutting-edge, research-based treatment strategies to their clients.
NICABM, Storrs / USA

2019, Managing Complexity through Systems thinking
with professor Mark Esposito, also teaching faculty at the Harvard University's division of continuing education 
Hult International Business School, London / UK 

2018, Private Equity
Hult International Business School, New York / USA

2017, Management Psychology
Hult International Business School, Dubai / UAE

2016, VUCA-World
Ashridge Executive Education, Berkhamsted / UK

2015, Transcending the barriers to global leadership
Ashridge Executive Education, Berkhamsted / UK

2017-2015, Ashridge Masters in Executive Coaching, Berkhamsted / UK
Coaching Strategies, Psychological theories of personality: working in relationship, Repetition and change: working with patterns, Creative change interventions, Professionalism in the Coaching relationship, Relationship and transference, Working with the Organisation through coaching, Organisational Consultants, Personal Reflection. Transcending the barriers to global leadership.

2015-2013, Executive Master of Business Administration in General Management, London / UK*
Curriculum: business execution, global strategy, global management, corporate responsibility, IT Management, managerial economics, global operations, International marketing, quantitive analysis, financial management, corporate finance, international accounting, Vertiefung: Change Management, Principled Leadership, Corporate Diplomacy & Geopolitical Risk (San Fransisco/USA), Breakthrough Strategies. Management Consulting and 3-months Action Project "growth strategy / VBP" for a global company in the nanotechnology sector. Business Cases from MIT, McKinsey, Boston Consulting Group, Wharton, Stanford, Harvard.

2006, CELTA 
English Teacher CELTA, certified by the University of Cambridge in Edinburgh, UK.

1999-1997, health and life consultant, graduated from BVLGB, Switzerland
During these two years, we covered the knowledge about the holistic human being from different angles, theories form the East and the West. This in order to have a solid knowledge base in order support the human organism to make meaning and to organise its life accordingly. My dissertation covered the 'natural laws that govern the human-being' in the 20th/21st century. 

Basiskurs Versicherungen Allianz / Netstal-Leadership Academy / Prüfungsexpertin und Member Validierungs- und Autorensteam der MEM/Maschinen-, Elektro- und Metallindustrie / Eidgenössisch diplomierte Berufsbildnerin / Lehrlingsausblidung NKG / CAMBRIDGE CAE, FCE / Effektives Lesen-, Gedächtnistraining & Mind Map / Verschiedene Kurse in Persönlichkeitsentwicklung / Aura-Soma-Beratung / Physiognomie-Kurse / Eidgenössisch diplomierte Kauffrau EFZ.

Fachliteratur in Deutsch, Englisch und Holländisch zu den Themen:
Sustainability / Change Management / Principled Leadership / Communication / Psychology / Management / Human development / Human Resources / Entrepreneurship / Leadership / Executive Master of Business  Administration / Executive Coaching / Neuroscience   /   human behaviour psychology & psychotherapy.

5 Kompetenzen gem. Gallup
Empathy - Relator - Connectedness - Strategy - Learner
 - The Inspirer -

*Erfahrung aus dem EMBA Studium
Im 2-jährigen intensiven Teilzeit-Studium zum Executive Master of Business Administration gehörte es dazu, mit 17 unterschiedlichen Teams, bestehend aus je 4-5 Führungskräften zwischen 28 und 59 Jahren, mit verschiedenem kulturellen Hintergrund, Erfahrung und Charakterzügen, innerhalb eines sehr knappen Zeitfensters Resultate zu liefern.

Manuela van der Glas hat dies hervorragend gemeistert und mit 85 unterschiedlichen Führungskräften zusammengearbeitet sowie gute bis sehr gute und realisierbare Resultate geliefert. 

Die Resultate wurden in folgenden Geschäftsbereichen erzielt: business execution, global strategy, global management, corporate responsibility, information technology management, managerial economics, global operations, International marketing, quantitive analysis, financial management, corporate finance, international accounting und in einem 3-monatigen action project in value based pricing einer globalen Unternehmung im Nanotechnologie Sektor. Das Curriculum bestand aus business cases von: MIT, McKinsey, Wharton, Stanford und Harvard. 

Folgende Vertiefungsmodule rundeten den intensiven Executive MBA ab: In London / UK: principled leadership, change management, disruptive innovation, breakthrough strategies. In San Fransisco/USA:  corporate diplomacy & managing geopolitical risk.

Dieses breite Wissen sowie die intensive Erfahrung hat Manuela van der Glas zu einem starken Sparring-Partner auf Ihrer Augenhöhe geformt, welcher Ihnen mit Herz hilft, auch in knappen Zeitfenstern, realisierbare Resultate zu liefern. 


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Wir freuen uns auf Sie.

van der Glas & van der Glas I Your boutique English school! Executive Education I Executive transforming & transitioning partners.