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We are your trusted partner in bespoke Education:

Our clients are board members, C-suite, middle management and junior managment -> all driven professionals within a leadership role and/or aspiring to become an even better leader. Their background is mainly being an expat and/or having to co-create a flourishing multi-cultural environment.

Our focus lies to help the individual human professional thriving at its best in the challenging business environment; healthy fulfilled and with fun.

You benefit form our strong focus on the values of integrity, ethics, backbone and heart. "Sometimes it is more important to do the right thing, than to do things right", a supreme court judge once said.

Topics we are excellent at:

  • VUCA - how to cope with volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environments.

  • Humanship in action: Neuroscience & Mindfulness, psychological contracts, assumptions & biases. Manage difficult relationships, the "in-between", unfinished business, conflicts with your boss, peers, subordinates, stakeholders. Organisation: tackling work challenges, roles & responsibilities, ownership, delegation of tasks properly. Build a fresh repertoire to deal with challenging issues.

  • Transition phases: let go of the old role, find a new one. Grow into your new management role - own it, feel good in it and be good at it.

  • Crisis: You have to do something, you are anxious but just do not know how to handle a business situation right. Let's discuss the options and decide on suitable actions to solve the issue.

  • Executive coaching in the moment. A space to think, to listen to oneself and to be listened to by another.

  • Business Consultancy & Strategy for SME. Valuable insights in M&A-activities regarding humanship - an efficient, pleasant, flourishing and good way of doing business. 

  • Scenario planning & decision making: thorough & robust, good choices -> a positive, sustainable, ethical outcome.

  • Corporate Governance & Strategy: A fresh, different way of thinking about "best practice."

  • Last but least and most importantly: Value to Sustainability: Forests, Landscapes, Biodiversity - NATURE, the basis we derive energy from for our unique form of life.

Collaborations: In case we need advice or support tackling the one or the other topic you present to us, we collaborate with experienced, global management consultancies and executive coaches from London, UK, Benelux, Germany and the US.

Confidentiality in all our engagements is key. Therefore we sign a confidentiality agreement in all our engagements.

To ensure delivering the same high quality throughout all our diverse engagements, we have subscribed to regular supervision sessions, to the code of ethics of Ashridge Executive Education and EMCC as well as life long learning.

Our executive coaching & leadership development engagements are for a period of 6, 9 or 18 months. Other durations can be scheduled by prior agreement. However, the main aspect is for the client to stay independent and be their own reliable executive coach/consultant.

Our approach in executive coaching is based on gestalt, neuroscience, main psychological schools, psychological mindedness and philosophy.

Our fees are as per recommendation of the Management Consulting Association in Zürich/Switzerland and Ashridge Business Consulting Berkhamsted/United Kingdom.

All our engagements are tailor-made, specific and agreed individually in order to ensure the best possible learning for the client / the corporation involved.

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van der Glas & van der Glas, Kurzfilm Kommunikation - zeigt Optimierungspotential in der Leadership.

Die Situationen sind aus dem Alltag gegriffen und hinterlassen sowohl bei den Mitarbeitenden, wie auch der Führungskraft ein ungutes Gefühl. 

Während dem Coaching besprechen wir zusammen, wie Ihre täglichen Kommunikations-Situationen soweit verbessert werden können, dass Sie ein gutes Arbeitsklima schaffen und so Ihre Ziele zum Wohl Ihrer Mitarbeitenden, Ihren Kunden, Ihrer Unternehmen und sich selbst erreichen können. 

Being happy... something you have to learn...

I often surprise myself by saying:
"WHOW, this is it! I guess I am happy. I have got a home I love. A career that I love. I am even feeling more and more at peace with myself." If there is something else to happiness, let me know. I am ambitious for that -  too!
                                                                                  -Harrison Ford -

van der Glas & van der Glas I Your boutique English school! Boutique Executive Education I Leadership Advisory I Executive transforming & transitioning partners.UA-61839165-1