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The best Foundation for Executives in the 21st century - our unique ' The Fundament '-Programme:

- limited seats available - 

Over the past 35+ years we observed a great number of leaders live in their respective environment, in local, national, international organisations.

We saw how their behaviour and communication style impacted the employees around them and how it helped change the company culture. By paying careful attention, we learned what worked and what didn't work.

We also sensed, how most of these leaders struggled, because there was no education preparing them enough to 'fill the role'. We felt that we needed to offer support. This is why we created this programme that is helping Executives, like you, to create a helpful way in how you can lead yourself and others - their teams - best.

Based on our observations - combined with contemporary findings in organisational psychology & social science as well as the insights we gathered through thorough conversations we had with these leaders, we built the knowledge that we are going to share with you in 'The Fundament'-Programme. It contains all the knowledge, that contemporary leaders need to know in the 21st century in order to be successful today.

'The Fundament' consists 5 Modules and also allows you to experiment with the content we share through writing your 5 personal assignments. This way you get to 'know your map' and 'know your territory', because 'the map is never the territory'. 

At the end of the programme you will receive a certificate of participation that stands for 30 CEU's and certifies that you have understood the content we shared and that you can apply the content in your organisational-environment. 

'The Fundament' includes all the knowledge that a leader in the 21st century needs to know in order to make the ‘right' decision to create a supportive environment by helping to build nourishing relationships. 

This high-impact and life-changing programme consists of 5 Modules throughout a minimum of 6 months and includes all you need to know to become a successful, relational human leader. The learning will take place in small groups. 

Your investment:
at least 30 hours of your own time, 
by participating in your real-life training
time needed by making reflections & putting your observations in writing. 

Would you like to benefit from this unique knowledge also - and gain valuable experience, like a lot of other Executives before you already did? 

Then please do inquire for more information and/or reserve your seat right away by writing to:

We are delighted to help you too & look forward to seeing you being part of the programme.

Participants voices:

"You are teaching us what schould be common sense throughout our whole organisation." 

"We are used to ‘work in a straight box’ and are confused/unsure,
because you give us the flexibility and a lot of freedom to choose.
This causes that we have to think more." 

"I found it very interesting, especially the emotional literacy, that helps us to be professional and grow. This is very important!" 

"I have now the grounds to regognise what happens."

"Your training is excellent! It is not only for business, but also for life."

van der Glas & van der Glas I Your boutique English school! Boutique Executive Education I Leadership Advisory I Executive transforming & transitioning partners.