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Interiew: 'relational Executive Coaching & Klarheit schaffen'

Vielen herzlichen Dank an die lokale Zeitung, welche das Interview vorgeschlagen und veröffentlicht hat. Wir haben über unsere Entwicklung erzählt sowie das PCOCI, das best practice 5-Schritte onboarding-Modell kurz vorgestellt, wie auch einen Rat an Führungskräfte und deren Teams mitgegeben. Wir hoffen, dass der interessierte Leser dadurch mehr Information bekommt, die hilft, mutig vorwärts zu gehen.
Bei Fragen, bitte fragen.

We proudly present the 1st book of a series:

'move forward with courage, perseverance & confidence'

ISBN 979-86965110-5-4 (1st editio, 2020)

This is an easy to read, powerful pocket guide that helps you to gain a fresh perspective beyond the bumps in the road and move forward. It also contains 3+ helpful and easily adaptable keys 🔑 for your everyday life. With this special kindle edition as well as with the edition mentioned below, we pledge to plant one tree 🌳 for every book 📚 bought.
 In addition to that, thiese editions also contain a special offer that helps you to move forward with courage, perseverance & confidence. Take part & see you inside & thanks!👍🏼😊

Would you  like to receive the  'move forward'  (2nd edition, 2021 - ISBN 978-3-9525393-0-9) directly from us?
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You will not only learn 'how to move forward fast' yourself, but also supporting a good cause as well:
For every booklet bought, we will plant one tree.
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Best practice: 5-step onboarding process

This 5-step-onboarding-process will help you to be much more #cost-efficient and #invest your budget more wisely and will also allow for a smooth transition & onboarding process as well as will support your employees & organisation to #flourish & #grow together. 

The most challenging side of being an excellent leader

The way you are letting your employees go.  

van der Glas & van der Glas I Your boutique English school! Executive Education I Executive transforming & transitioning partners.